From Undesirable Immigrants to Prosperous Merchants: Chinese and Palestinians in Southern Peru (1900s–1930s)

Autores: Patricia Palma, José Manuel Carrasco & Martín Monsalve Zanatti (2023) 

The article analyses the commercial trajectory of Chinese and Palestinian immigrants, the largest communities in the cities of Arequipa and Moquegua in southern Peru. Although they were not part of ‘desired’ immigration projects and faced a series of prejudices and hostilities, these immigrants integrated significantly into the regional and national economies. The article draws on the qualitative analysis of a heterogeneous set of primary archival sources, many of which have not been studied before. These sources include records of immigration up to 1931, notarial files, and press reports from both cities. This work contributes to migration and business studies based on two approaches: undesirable migration and the role of migrants in forming the modern business system of the countries of the region.


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